Palo Santo


Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America. It has a fresh almost citrus smell as well as a hint of pine. Related to  Frankincense. Translated it means "Holy Wood".

I first found this beautiful wood a few years ago. A friend had shown me and I was blown away by the scent. I started to use it almost ritualistically. In the morning I open my window, light my palo santo watch it burn and blow it out. I gently let my hand sway and watch the beautiful smoke dance around the room.

It has calming, cleansing properties. It has quite literally changed my life. And that is why this beautiful item has been added to the Shop Miyuki Collection.  


This Palo Santo is collected from fallen trees and is sustainable! Wohoooo! 

Comes with 4 Palo Alto sticks. Sizes of sticks will vary.


How to use :

Open your window ( I do this to let the energy flows in and out ) burn the end of the palo santo with either matches, lighter, or candles. Allow it to burn and then blow it out. Enjoy it's calming properties!