A's To Your Q's

A's To Your Q's ehhhhhhhh 

Cause you got em and we got the answers!

Can I wear a crochet swim suit in the water? 

All the swim wear is carefully crafted and tested to make sure your water experience is a good one! Designed with a small crochet hook to make sure the stitches are nice and tight. All swim suits are made with cotton. They will absorbs as much water as those neoprene swimsuits ya'll love! Bottoms and tops are mostly designed with adjustable straps. Elastic for certain tops and bottoms help them stay as snug as you want as well!

Also cause this come out a lot---- that swim suit your grandma made your mom that she wore to the beach and it got all heavy and fell off--- ya grandma made it with wool. So grandma.... wool absorbs water and it ain't pretty! ;) We use cotton!!! 

 Are your items eco-friendly?

90% of the fibres used in the creation of our pieces are made using natural fibres. And natural fibres are biodegradable! The swim suits are made with 100% cotton and the hats/scarves are mostly made with natural wools (alpaca, merino, mohair). We try to make the smallest footprint we can while operating our business. It is important we all play our part. 

Where are they made?

All swim suits are currently designed and handmade in Toronto, Ontario!

Can I wear them? I am a D cup?

Hey there sister! Yes you can! There are designs that will keep you nice and supported. There are other that we don't suggest! Special padding and extra support can always be requested. Send us a shout via email or DM. We love to hear your concerns and want to make sure you will find the right piece for you!


How long does an item take to get made?

Most items ship out between 7-14 business days! 

If the items doesn't fit-do you accept returns?

We are committed to making sure you are very pleased with your items. We have sizing guides available and are always open to answering any concerns prior to purchase. But if the item doesn't fit right we are more than happy to take the item back-as long as it follows our guidelines (see returns/shipping)