Granny Square Cowl Handmade. Miyuki Crochet Montreal Perfect Gift


The Granny Square Cowl has a touch of nostalgia and a touch modern. A twist on the classic granny square this cowl is beautiful and bright! Each square has different colors and color patterns and they are seamed together using black yarn. Quite the conversation starter! This cowl will keep you feeling special all day! Great for fall!

Made to order in Montreal.

 ****Please note if you have a special request for colors email at ****
*Made To order
*14.5/36.83 cm cm width+12/30.48 cm length, 12 squares total
*Acrylic (vegan friendly)
*Ships in 5-7 days
*Standard Shipping Regular Weight US & Canada 9$ (CAD)

Care instructions:
Handwash in warm water and lay flat to dry.
Miyuki Crochet