The Classic Burgundy Peruvian Wool Folded Hat


The Classic Burgundy Peruvian Wool Folded Hat. After testing yarns from all around the world the winner was this incredible Peruvian wool. Want to know more? It is extremely comfortable, soft, stretchy, and cozy.

The stitches are tight to keep air out. All items can be customizable just give us a shout

Have a look at our new service the "Wool Rejuvenation Services". Keep all items looking and feeling "like new".

Other colors available! 

*Made To order (limited quantities)
* Fits standard head sizes
*Ships in 5-7 days
*Exchanges Accepted (please see our policy page for more info)
*Standard Shipping Regular Weight US & Canada 9$ (CAD)

Care instructions:
Handwash in warm water and lay flat to dry.
Miyuki Crochet