SS18 [Sun & Stars]

SS18 [Sun & Stars]

Hi there, 

It's Stefanie. :)

As I release a new collection and change things up a bit on the shop I wanted to share some thoughts.

The last year has been a lot of go go go. A lot of new changes. New experiences. It was a pivotal time for me personally as well as for the company. 

Inspiration hit back a few months ago and here we are. :)

I wanted to find a way to bring more to the shop. Bring things I've discovered. Either with aromatherapy and mindfulness or cute things that I am obsessed with.

 Here I say let us value ourselves and our independence. Let us be who we are and never, ever, ever dim our lights for no one. Let us work on ourselves advance our careers, grow our families (which include friends). Let us feel beautiful based on our inner soul. Let us be the pillars of the world.








Lots of love.


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