Let's Talk About Your Grandma's Swimwear!


Hi there! You're here because you love pushing limits and not listening to Nay sayers!

Our grandmas did a bad thing. They used to crochet bikinis with wool. If you can image what a wet sheep looks like you can image that this was a terrible idea. In turn it is believed that you cannot crochet/knit swimwear. But oh grandma-G, you were so wrong.

I have been crocheting swim and summer wear for many years now. I've tested them in hot tubs, oceans, snorkelling, jumping into caves, steam rooms--- hmmm you get the point.

And they've held up so well!

There are of course tricks and tips to ensure that all will go well and stay well while wet.


So here ya go you:

1) Type or Yarn and Weight. Choose a light to medium weight cotton yarn. Avoid wool, acrylic, alpaca. These fibres are meant to keep you warn and will absorb a lot of water.

2) Use the right hook! The yarn you choose might say to use a bigger hook but you're a rule breaker! So use a smaller option. I love a 3.75mm hook. That way the holes are super tight. Tighter stitches help prevent any unwanted see through action and also keep the pieces shape.

3) Tension! Working on your control and tension is super important. Practice makes perfect.. And it is no joke with crochet. The more you do it the better you will be. So make 100 bikinis --- you won't regret it!

4) Adding protection. Using liners and elastic is your friend! Just like regular bathing suits adding elastic can help it from loosing shape. Liners help with comfort and over all modesty.

5) Test it outttttt!!! Before you head to the pool to flirt with that cute life guard test your new suit. Try it in the shower or the tub. Jump around your house to "Thank u, next"  

6) And I guess the most apparent one is---- use a pattern- like the ones I offer on Youtube. That way you know I've already jumped around and tested it for you!


Okay crochet trend setter! Off you go!



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