Summer 17- A note From Miyuki

Summer 17.


There are moments in life that when we look back we will wonder how we got through it. While I was preparing to create this collection my world changed. All that I knew was no longer. I struggled to finish, struggled with expectations. I had an idea for this season, a plan for my company. I had to let go of expectations and let the universe bless me with gifts. Gifts that came in the form of people. Kind generous people. Sometimes things don't happen like you plan- they're better. Thanks to these people I had the strength to finish. 

This collection is dedicated to strong and beautiful women. All of us. Our inner beauty and self love. This collection turned out to be the most sensual and colorful one yet. With a broken heart- I let my emotions go, and let my hand be free- not figurative - actually- ;) What came out was the Summer 17 Collection. 


I hope you love yourself. I hope you value your worth.

So much love,

- Miyuki

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