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Miyuki Crochet Summer 17

Miyuki Crochet Summer 17

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Summer 17 was inspired by a woman's sensuality. Our curves, the way we move, how our clothes make us feel. Inspired by self love and empowerment.
We are all beautiful and everything that touches our skin should excite us and make us feel like a goddess!

All the bikini's are water tested and hold up great! So you worry about where you want to travel to and let us think about your swim suit! ;)


Summer 17- A note From Miyuki

Summer 17.


There are moments in life that when we look back we will wonder how we got through it. While I was preparing to create this collection my world changed. All that I knew was no longer. I struggled to finish, struggled with expectations. I had an idea for this season, a plan for my company. I had to let go of expectations and let the universe bless me with gifts. Gifts that came in the form of people. Kind generous people. Sometimes things don't happen like you plan- they're better. Thanks to these...

How Miyuki Crochet Got Started and A Little More About Me!

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