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From Our Favourite People-You Guys!!!

Perfect!I'm really picky about tuques. I had a favourite one for years and after I lost it I was never able to find a replacement. I met Stefanie at Puces Pop in Montréal, described my ideal tuque, and a week later it was ready! It's perfect and I could not happier with it.

by Ian

Friendly and quick service, and my favorite designs online!

by Emily

Amazing products! I use them often for photoshoots and general commercial work. They look amazing.

by Anthony

So much love!I absolutely love it! It is so cozy and looks incredibly cute, I never wanna take it off!

by Mara

Definitely a huge fan of your work, both in the product itself and the community you inspire

by Jeremy

I'm extremely satisfied and in love with my big bow headband. Beautifully packaged & smelled like fresh laundry. The quality and the tightness of the stitches was very neat and clean. You can tell she put in effort and time into her items. Everyday I have worn it, I received nothing but compliments. My package also included a handwritten card showing her gratitude. I'm sure to purchase again from.

by Rochelle

Stefanie Miyuki Nakamura

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About Us

It all began ten years ago, I was taught how to make a hat while in Theatre School & I never put the hooks down again. Fast forward & Miyuki Crochet was created in 2013 in Montreal, Quebec.

Currently based in Toronto, Ontario & handmade in small quantities by Stefanie Miyuki Nakamura.

As the daughter of a Japanese entrepreneur, I guess it’s in my blood! I believe in quality & hard work. And if you know me you’d say most days include delicious cheese & French wine (probably comes from my moms side & probably some Beaujolais)! Oh & I am probably working in a bikini while snapping photos for Instagram & learning lines for an audition! Cause Boss Lady gotta work!

Picture a field of sun flowers on an August afternoon. That’s the vibe. I believe in creating pieces that add to our sense of self. By wearing beautiful items that compliment our bodies & let our inner goddess shine through. I want you to look at yourself in a Miyuki piece & say "I look goooooddd".

All the designs are original patterns that I’ve created. I love looking at items I see & deconstructing them into crochet patterns. So If I am ever starring at you weirdly that is probably what I am doing!Crochet is such a beautiful craft that I want to share with you.

I hope through my pieces you will see the love that goes into each item. From choosing the material, to designing, to crafting it by hand, to sending it to you. I am there every step of the way. It is very important to me that it stays this way. Enjoy a little piece of me with each item.


Much love,